Email Instructions – iPhone

Please follow the steps below in order to get your email coming through your iPhone.  iOS devices with similar versions may vary from the screenshots provided.  Alternative screenshots are provided where documented differences occur.

If you already have the account setup, but need to change some settings, you may skip to step 11 for after initial setup.

1. Go to your ‘Settings’ app.

2. Scroll down on your screen and tap on ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’.

3. Scroll down again until you see a button that say ‘Add Account…’.

4. On the next screen tap on ‘Other’ at the bottom.

5. Now tap on ‘Add Mail Account’ near the top of the screen.

6. This screen should look like the image below. Please fill out the first three spaces (Name, Address, Password). The description field will populate with your email address. If you do not know or did not receive your email account password, please give us a call to request that information. Once all boxes are entered with the correct information tap ‘Save’ in the upper right corner.

7. On this step you can choose which type of email account you would like to use. We highly recommend ‘IMAP’ when using an iOS device, due to it’s ability to synchronize your email with the server and vice versa with your computer. Note: It is also recommended that you setup your email account on your computer as an ‘IMAP’ account as well.

8. On the same screen as above scroll down to fill the ‘Incoming Mail Server’ information. The ‘Host Name’ is as seen below in the screen shot ( Your ‘User Name’ would be your email address. Your ‘Password’ should be already filled in because you entered it in the last screen.

9. On the same screen scroll down and fill in the ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ information. In this area you will need to fill in the ‘Host Name’ ( Your ‘User Name’ would be your email address. Your ‘Password’ will need to be filled in again here.  When you have completed this step tap ‘Save’ in the upper right.  Note: Although the ‘User Name‘ and ‘Password‘ inputs say that they are optional, it has been seen in the past that a device may not be able to send without them being filled in.

10. You may now be prompted with a similar message as seen below. This message is to confirm if our server is using SSL authentication, which it is not.  If your screen matches the first screenshot below, you may press ‘Yes‘.  If’ your screen matches the second screenshot, you may press ‘Continue’.

11. Your settings are now saved, but you will need to confirm/configure a few more setting so everything is working correctly. Tap on your email address as seen below.

12. Some devices may or may not have this screen below.  If you do not have the following screen, continue to the next step.  If you do have this screen, press ‘Account …’.


13. You will now be on your account settings screen. Scroll down again and tap on your ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ button. It should look exactly as it does below.

14. On this screen tap on your ‘Primary Server’ like below.

15. All settings should look like this screen shot. Especially ‘Use SSL’ should be OFF, and ‘Authentication’ should be ‘Password’.  Once these settings are entered, tap ‘Done’.  If a message is displayed when you press ‘Done’, double check that your settings match the screen shot. If they do, press ‘Done’ a second time, and choose ‘Save’.

16. You may now exit editing the ‘Outgoing SMTP Settings‘.  You should currently be on the screenshot from step 13.  Tap on ‘Advanced‘.

Tap on ‘Drafts Mailbox’ >

Now tap on ‘Drafts’ as seen below, even though it is already check.

You should now see the message next to your Drafts Mailbox that says ‘On My iPhone’

Note: You will need to repeat these last two steps for the ‘Sent Mailbox’, ‘Deleted Mailbox’, and any other options below the ‘Mailbox Behaviors‘ heading.  Once you have done so, your screen should look similar to the screenshot below.

17. Scroll down to the ‘Incoming Settings’ and they should be exactly as they appear below. Once this is all correct, go back to your account, and tap ‘Done‘. Push the home button on your iPhone to get back to your apps.

18. Now you should be able to access your email, and send and receive via your ‘Mail’ app.

You have successfully created/updated your email information and you are ready to send a test email from your Faster Solutions email account. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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