Is Your Business on Google+?

Google+ currently has 359 million monthly active users, making it the second largest social networking site only behind Facebook with1.1 billion monthly active users. While you may be thinking Google+ is just another social networking site that you won’t have the time to update, Google+ is actually a very unique way to promote your business.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Google+ allows individual users and businesses to create circles. A circle is a collection of people with whom you want to connect. Google+ gives businesses four circles to begin with: following (people or companies you wish to follow and receive updates from), customers, VIPs (a place to add important people in your industry), and team members (your staff). You also have the option to create more circles. Similar to Twitter, on Google+, you can add people to your circles even if they don’t add you to theirs.

So, why should your business be on Google+? Here are a few benefits of having your business active on this rising social network:

  • 60% of Google+ users log in every single day, which is more than the 50% of Twitter users that do. With the majority of users logging in daily, you know that your content will be seen by your followers.
  • A Google+ business page can positively affect your SEO. With Google+, your search results are affected by the people you are connected to, and social connections may hold more importance than links now. Links on Google+ tend to be indexed very quickly, and +1 links may rank higher in search results. When people +1 something you post on Google+, it is similar to them ‘liking’ it on Facebook. The more people that +1 your content and links, the more relevant Google will think you are.  Also, if someone with a Google+ account is searching for something on Google, their friends’ +1s will show up in the search results making those links seem more dependable and trustworthy.
  • Even though the number of users on Google+ is rising, not everyone is on it yet. Being an early adopter and jumping on the Google+ bandwagon before the market is completely saturated guarantees that your business is more likely to be heard. It’s a good idea to start building your Google+ relationships now, before the social network grows even more.
  • Google+ allows businesses to have more personal and direct relationships than Facebook and Twitter do. Think of how cluttered your Facebook timeline is every day with posts from all of your friends. Google+ allows you to only see the posts of the circles you choose, and most of the information shared there is more professional than what is currently on Facebook.
  • Another feature of Google+ to help you reach your customers is hang outs, or live video chats. The only thing your business will need to participate in a hang out is a webcam and microphone. Businesses can use these hangouts to offer product demos to their customers that will generate instant feedback, and you can also publish your hang out content to your YouTube account. This is a great way to keep your YouTube channel updated regularly with fresh content and grow your audience even more.

Now that you know some of the benefits Google+ can bring to your business, you might also want to know what you can do to make your Google+ page successful. First of all, you need to build a quality audience. You should look for people who are in your target market and are relevant to your business. You might think that the more people you have in your circles the better, but it is actually more beneficial to choose quality over quantity when it comes to Google+. Businesses should try to only include people in their circles who add value to their network.

One last thing to make sure you remember about Google+ is that consistency is the key to success. Even if you only take 15 minutes out of your day to post and respond to comments, your followers will appreciate your consistent online presence.

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