How Well Do You Know SEO?

How well do you know your SEO? Try our quiz and test your marketing skills!



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#1 On average, what percentage of a website’s traffic comes from search results?

In general, about a third of all visitors to a website find the website via search results (Google, Bing, etc.). The #1 source of traffic, on average, is Direct Traffic, that is, when visitors already know the name of the website and type it into their address bar.


#2 All of these strategies help boost your search engine rankings except…

  • The search engine “robots” that scan websites cannot “read” images or videos, they need text!
  • Meta titles and descriptions — that titles and “excerpts” that appear in search results — not only help search engines understand what the web page is about, but also encourages users to click the link.
  • You may be surprised to learn that Google takes load time into account, as well; plus, visitors may loose patience with your site and leave quickly.
  • While there is no downside to utilizing a variety of domain names that redirect to your main website, the redirected domains have no way to directly influence the search engine rankings of the “main” domain.

#3 Investing in paid search engine listings helps your website’s “organic” search engine rankings, as well.

Google has specifically stated that they do not allow paid advertising to influence “organic” search engine rankings, as they want to prevent the ability to “purchase” higher organic rankings.


#4 On average, what percentage of traffic do the top 3 sites in search results receive?

Having your website listed in the #1 position in search results provides a massive boost to website traffic compared to other positions.


#5 When does Google update a website’s search rankings?

Not all websites are equal in Google’s eyes. If your website regularly publishes new content, performs well in search results, and maintains its search engine optimization, Google will include new / updated content in search results more frequently. Websites that only produce and revise their content from time to time often need to wait longer to have their rankings increased after making updates.


#6 All of these practices can HURT your search engine rankings except…

Google might “dock” your website’s search engine rankings for duplicating content from within your own website or from another website, or if a large number of low-quality, “shady” websites include links to your website, or if your website tries to target too many unrelated keywords. There is really no downside to publishing lots of content, as long as the content is relevant and well-optimized.


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