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Internet Presence is Crucial for Small Businesses

Tools in tool beltHow many of you have had something break at home and needed to find a repair person or company? What is the first thing you do? Of course, you search online!

While completing some home repairs recently, I found it difficult to find a reputable repair company. During my search, I was surprised at how many of the service companies didn’t have a website.

After my online search proved unsuccessful, I did the next best thing – asked around to see who was best. Two service providers came up as the top in the area and I still couldn’t find a website for either of them. After all was said and done, I did pick one of those companies and was extremely pleased with their service and professionalism.

Why is a website so important today?
Consumers are bombarded with information and most people use the internet as their primary research tool. Although some companies that have been in business for many years can survive on word-of-mouth, most small businesses would benefit from a web presence.

Benefits of having on online marketing tool:

  • Resource and Information
    Your business is unique and the services you provide might be very different than your competitors. A website allows you to tell your story and answer frequently asked questions. Having this information online frees up your time to be more productive.
  • Lead Generator
    Most small businesses can’t be on call 24/7. A website can be equipped to allow users to contact you at any time of the day, allowing you to obtain more clients.
  • Accountability
    Although there is a lot of question about trust on the Internet these days, having a website can help your customers to feel more confident in your business. Providing customer testimonials, reviews and other information about your business are easy ways to build that trust between you and clients.
  • Get noticed!
    Competition is only getting tougher and tougher in today’s market. Make sure your information is presented professionally and can be found easily while users search for your company.

If you are a small business and want a web presence, there are many tools out there to get you started. If you are still feeling apprehensive about getting your feet wet, we recommend you work with a professional web development company like Faster Solutions to lead you through the process. Creating a web presence generates leads, allows you to be more productive and can provide additional revenue.

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