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Types of YouTube Video Advertisements

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According to Wyzowl statistics, 61% of businesses have incorporated videos as one of their main marketing tools. With video becoming a very popular way to engage with consumers, we will continue to see more advertisers choosing to use this method as an adverting technique. It is important to know the difference between the types of video advertisements that are available. The reason being, some can be more effective than other placements. Here are the most popular YouTube video advertisements being used. 


The Faster Points
  • Consumers are being exposed to thousands of ads per day, and video seems to be the most effective tool.
  • There are many different types of ads that can be added to videos: linear, interactive, overlay, in-banner, in-page, and in-text are the most popular.
  • The more interactive, and less distracting an ad is, the more effective an ad typically is.



Linear Video Ads:

These ads are any ad that plays at the beginning of your video, in the middle, or at the end.

Pre-roll: is an ad that plays before the video, but can be ineffective if the viewer chooses to abandon video before it fully plays.

Mid-roll: is an ad that playing in the middle of the video and can be a good ad because you already have the viewer hooked on the beginning of the video’s content.

Post-roll: Plays after the video is complete. This can be a con because the viewer doesn’t have a motive to watch the ad since the video content is over.


Interactive Video Ads:

Interactive video ads can be considered a linear video ad except for the added element of viewers being able to engage with the brands ad. You can create this ad by manually setting up an end screen in your YouTube account. 


Overlay Video Ads:

These ads are a semi-transparent ad that appears on the lower portion of the video. They can be effective because they don’t completely cover up the video that the viewer is watching. But, these ads can be less effective if they cover important info accidentally, for example subtitles or captions.


Companion Video Ads:

Companion ads are banners designed to be displayed near a video player. They stay visible after a linear ad, but aren’t as disruptive. 


In-Banner Video Ads:

These ads are similar to banners and are displayed on pages that have a video player. They can also be on pages without video players. They can be effective because their interactions can be user initiated and they can fit into a standard display banner ad space. The downfall is they can be distracting because the user can’t stop the video content from playing.


In-Page Video Ads:

These ads are embedded video players that are specifically there to show a video ad with no video content attached. They don’t need to be displayed with a video player. They can be placed on any page where there is space open, but can sometimes be displayed too low and out of sight.


In-Text Video Ads:

These are videos that appear as a link within text. It is user initiated text, meaning when the user scrolls over the text a video will pop up and the viewer can choose to play the video.





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