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Good Website Photography Makes You Memorable

You’ve created a solid site map, have a creative design, and even started writing the copy; but one of the most important (and often overlooked) elements of a new site is the photography. The right supporting materials are what is going to make you stand out from your competitors. Original photography will create a memorable experience for the user. If your user cannot relate to your company or understand your product then they are not likely to use your service. When writing the copy think about photos that you could take that would correlate with the information provided. Photos that are unique to your company give the user a good understanding of your business. Even some of today’s point and shoot cameras are great for the web. Camera and PhotosUse the cameras automatic settings if you’re not an experienced photographer. When shooting your photos use the rule of thirds, keep subject to left or right of image, to create interest. So get out there and take some photos. You can use these free editing tools (jpeg crops, shrink-o-matic) for re-sizing, and there are many more tools available online as well. Of course we can edit and re-size them for you!

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