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See some of our case studies for development and marketing projects, and the impact they had on the websites and the businesses we worked with. We can make your story a success story too! Read on to find out what we can do for you! Otherwise, contact us to learn more about how we can increase your business through online marketing and your website!

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Project Scope

Paid Social, Organic Social Media Engagement, Conversion Rate Optimization

The Result:

  • Increased Email Signups
  • Doubled Organic Engagement
  • Created Highly Engaged Social Community
  • Continual Maintenance and Community Growth

A large tourism organization came to Faster Solutions with a desire to grow their social channels, with the goal of driving more referrals to member websites and businesses. Faster Solutions focused our efforts on building and fostering a dedicated organic social community across multiple social channels. This vibrant organic community then allowed us to laser focus our paid social targeting, attracting even more relevant and high engagements users.

These efforts allowed us to increase social engagement across channels by 2.5 times the industry average, while encouraging users to join the organization’s email list to receive lodging specials and notifications, the high quality of these new users allowed us to increase Email conversions by 65%.

Social Media Referrals
Social Conversions

Project Scope

Local SEO, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Copywriting, PPC

The Result:

  • Drive Organic Conversions
  • Boost Visibility
  • Increase Page Rank
  • Keyword Targeting

A business organization approached Faster Solutions with the goal of increasing its page rank organically in tandem with PPC efforts. By using search query analysis tools and running detailed keyword analysis Faster Solutions was able to identify the keywords and business areas being underleveraged in past SEO efforts.

Through content creation, optimization, and targeting. Faster Solutions turned this business organizations blog into a traffic generating, conversion machine. By improving the organic results for underperforming keywords, PPC efforts could be further focused on business expansion and growth.

Organic Conversions
Organic Traffic From Blog

Project Scope

Social Media Marketing and Management, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Cart Conversion Rate Optimization

The Result:

  • Increased Traffic
  • Improved Experience
  • Drove Revenue
  • Targeted Industry Specialists on Social

Faster Solutions helped an ecommerce store that targeted hobbyists and industry specialists manage social media targeting efforts to generate brand awareness and social buzz around its products, while systematically boosting page rank across all product categories using tailored SEO efforts both on and off-page.

We also took a deep dive into the client’s ecommerce data and discovered several points in the sales funnel causing cart abandonments and a huge loss of revenue. The improved e-commerce sales funnel in combination with our social media and SEO efforts allowed us to achieve astonishing gains in revenue for this e-commerce site.

Check Out Completions
Gain in Revenue

Project Scope

PPC, Landing Page Design & Development, Conversion Optimization, SEO

The Result:

  • Increased Calls
  • Increased Information Requests
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Gender Targeting

A Bail Bond Company needed to increase revenue and returns, while growing its market share. Faster Solutions uses detailed demographics data, Geo and device targeting. To create PPC ads with compelling copy relevant to specific demographic needs and intent, targeted at particular genders and age groups in specific geo locations. Combined with landing pages to match those locations and clear call to actions tailored to mobile devices.

The combination of targeting attributes and demographic details allowed us to achieve massive Return on Ad Spend gains, drive revenue, and expand the business.

Return on PPC Spending
In Traffic

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