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22 Most Important May Marketing Ideas of 2022

May 2022 Calendar

Monthly holidays, celebrations, and campaigns are the best marketing opportunities for any business. Luckily, every month has its own set. For instance, if you miss celebrating April as a gardening month, you can up your game with May’s gifts from the garden month celebrations. 


All you need to do is apply the perfect marketing strategies to take advantage of the buzz around every event. Consequently, this post will help you update your May events calendar and give a hint on the best marketing strategies to earn your business a spot at the top. 


We will also group the events and holidays into three categories; monthly, weekly, and daily holidays for best planning. 


National Monthly Holidays 

Here are the most popular national celebrations for May. 


Gifts From the Garden Month 

May is the time when your garden’s flowers start to blossom and yield from the sunlight, marking the beginning of summer. It is the perfect time to remind your customers of the goodness of new seasons and gifting. 


National Photo Month 

In 1987, Congress declared May as the month of photography to recognize photography’s role in society. That gives you an excellent chance to celebrate your business’s memories in clear and high-quality images and videos throughout the month.


National Smile Month 

The campaign aims at promoting oral hygiene. It’s the perfect time for healthcare institutions to educate their audience on the importance of the practice. 


Family Wellness Month 

The campaign aims at educating the public on the importance of healthy living in a family setting, including mental, physical, and emotional health.  


National Military Appreciation Month 

May is when the US celebrates military service and those who have already left the service and their families. 


National Inventors Month 

Every business relies on an invention. It could be your creative idea or someone else’s, and May also allows you to celebrate your business’s existence. 


National Egg Month 

Lastly, it is national egg month. May is the best time to educate your audience and customers on the need for a balanced diet inclusive of proteins. 


May Weekly Holidays 

May 1st to 7th – National Small Business Week 

On the first week of the month, these celebrations acknowledge all local entrepreneurs preparing for the national small business day on the tenth of May. 


May 1st to 7th – National Pet week 

That’s right. It runs the same week as the small business week. Consequently, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the lovely creations in your life. 


May 2nd to 6th – Teacher Appreciation Week 

The US celebrates teachers across all states throughout this week and even declared the third of May as the national teachers’ day.


May 3rd to 9th – Sun Awareness Week 

The campaign aims at creating awareness of skin cancer and preventive measures to avoid the same. 


May 6th to 12th – National Nurses Week 

Nurses do an excellent and caring job in society and deserve recognition for their good deeds. This week, you can even share a story of how a nurse took care of you or your loved one. Also, ask your audience to share the same and celebrate nurses. 


May 8th to 15th – Work at Home Moms Week 

Every mom is a great mom, and they all do a fantastic job raising kids, whether working in the office or at home. Extensively, this week celebrates all moms working at home. You can run a discount to aid the celebrations this week or even have a giveaway after a contest on your socials. 


May 15th to 21st – National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week 

Lastly, this is the week that the US celebrates all EMS practitioners for their incredible job in society. In support of the same, your business can join the wagon and share in the joy on your social media pages to applaud the professionals with positive quotes. 


May Daily Holidays 

International Harry Potter Day on the 2nd of May  

The day aims at celebrating Harry Potter’s books and films internationally. 


Star Wars Day on the 4th of May 

It’s an informal day where Star Wars fans celebrate the media house for outstanding films in the US. 


Cinco De Mayo on the 5th of May

The 5th of May commemorates Mexico’s victory over France. 


Mother’s Day on 8th May 

Many people are always waiting for this day to celebrate their mother. What better way to invest in it than joining the buzz online to show love through posting lovely messages to all mothers? The perfect way to celebrate this is to have discounts, giveaways or contests, or a sale to celebrate. 


International Day of Families on the 15th of May 

The day aims to create awareness of families’ issues and educate them on the importance of families. 


International Virtual Assistants Day on the 20th of May 

Every third Friday of May celebrates the efforts and commitments of all virtual assistants globally. 


National Lucky Penny Day on the 23rd of May

This day aims to spread some good vibes based on a superstition about the good luck of coming across a penny on this day. 


Memorial Day on the 30th May 

Since 1868, the US has celebrated May 30th as Memorial Day. The aim is to celebrate departed souls in the US military and this mostly happens on the last Monday of May. 


The Best Marketing Strategies 

Now that you are familiar with most of the events and celebrations of May, here are the best strategies to help maximize each. 


  • Give discounts within the month to celebrate a particular event or campaign. 
  • Use related hashtags when posting on social media for better marketing. For instance, #Women’sDay. 
  • Use clear, beautiful, and high-quality images when posting on social media platforms accompanied by positive quotes. 
  • Run a sale in honor of a day, weekly or monthly celebration. 
  • Donating for a good cause, maybe from money, through a sale in the month. 
  • Offer redeemable coupons for loyal customers. 
  • Finally, post constantly on your social networks to keep your audience and customers engaged. 


That said, these strategies are the best tactics to apply for you to win in digital marketing. Additionally, it’s wise to have a calendar of the monthly events for better preparations at the beginning of the month. 


Visit our site today and connect with us to partner on promoting your events and celebrations happening throughout the year. If you’re interested in some help improving your businesses’ marketing game, we are here for you. Let’s get started!

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