7 Great Business Accounts on Instagram

Instagram has been my personal favorite social media platform for quite some time now. Being photo based, I can scroll through my home feed quickly to get a good idea of what my friends and favorite brands are up to. As a user, Instagram has allowed me to find new brands that I may not have known about otherwise. As a platform, Instagram allows brands to break down the barrier between business and customer, tell stories and (of course) showcase beautiful photography. Here are 7 of my favorite business accounts on Instagram and why they are successful.


1. Talenti

Talenti somehow made gelato whimsical. From using the gelato as the mountainside for action figures to climb on, pairing emojis with gelato flavors, to giving gelato fortune telling skills; @talenti’s Instagram feed is nothing short of entertaining. The carefully crafted photos do more than promote the ice cream – they tell a story. Excuse me while I go stock my freezer.


Gelato Instagram Feed


2. Camp Brand Goods

Camp Brand Goods is an outdoor apparel company based in Canada. Their Instagram feed @campbrandgoods

1. Makes me want to go camping.

2. That’s pretty much it.

Their beautiful gallery makes me want to be outside in summer, winter, rain or shine, in the mountains, on the river, and anywhere in between. From a business standpoint, they sneakily and (very) infrequently promote their own product. In the photos below, the left hand photo on the bottom row– that shirt is made by them. While they are more focused on promoting the natural beauty that Canada has to offer, you can still picture yourself in that new sweatshirt on your next camping adventure. You look pretty good, eh?


Apparel Instagram Feed


3. Rifle Paper Company

Less than 200 posts and over 250,000 followers – that’s how good Rifle Paper Company’s Instagram feed is. From wallpaper to greeting cards, @riflepaperco covers all things paper. I love their Instagram because it highlights their products without being too promotional, gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the business, viewers can see a glimpse in to the personal life of the owners, and (most of all) their design work is beautiful.

@riflepaperco Instagram



4. The Feed Feed

The Feed Feed shares photos and recipes from bloggers, chefs, and at home cooks on their feed – anyone who tags #thefeedfeed and @thefeedfeed has a chance to be featured on the page. The promotion of follower engagement is one of the reasons I love The Feed Feed. Because the content is supplied by followers, the page has a great variation of colors, content, and recipes to try. The food photography, which is always bright and vibrant, catches the eyes (and stomachs) of viewers scrolling through their home feed.

Food posts from Instagram



5. TED

TED Talks are devoted to spreading ideas in a variety of topics through short speeches and talks. Their Instagram feed @ted continues to inspire followers even when they aren’t listening to a Talk. Although the content on @ted is not as well curated as the other business Instagram feeds mentioned, with each picture @ted inspires and leaves something to the imagination, leaving the viewer wanting to take the next step to find out just what is happening in that photo.


@ted Instagram Feed


6. Jess Rona Grooming

Yes, one of my all-time favorite business Instagram feeds comes from a dog groomer in Los Angeles (stay with me). @jessronagrooming posts (primarily) slow motion videos of the dogs she is grooming and sets it to music. The music might be indie, rap, classic or anything in between and the videos leave me giggling all day. Run to LA and have your dog groomed by Jess Rona, and maybe a video of your cute pooch will be shared with the business’s 85,000+ followers.


Dogs at Groomers



7. AirBnB

Want to rent out someone’s home? Or maybe just a room in their house? AirBnb helps travelers save money, make connections, and live like locals wherever they are staying.  I love their Instagram because it highlights the amazing places around the world you can rest your head. Want to vacation in a tree house? Or how about a house jutting out from the grassy hills in Iceland (hobbit life, anyone)? Or maybe a spherical shaped house in the rain-forest? Yep. Yep. And, yep. Beyond showcasing the beautiful (and sometimes weird) places people call home, @airbnb resurrects the follower’s need to experience new things while putting an emphasis on making new connections.


@airbnb Instagram Feed


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