7 Most Exciting March Marketing Ideas

Faster Solutions March Marketing Ideas
7 Most Exciting March Marketing Ideas

March is one of the most exciting months at the beginning of every year. It brings with it a series of events, celebrations, and campaigns that would do a lot of good for your business. These are the perfect times to engage with your audience and promote your business. 


In line with that, this post shares ways to exhaust all of March happenings to help improve your business performance. From using the correct hashtags,  captions, and other tactics. Read on to find out more. 


List of March Monthly and Weekly Events and Campaigns 

  • National Reading Month 
  • National Athletic Month 
  • National Craft Month 
  • American Red Cross Month 
  • National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day 
  • National Nutrition Month 
  • St. Patrick’s Day 
  • Girl Scout Day 
  • First Day of Spring 
  • March Madness Month 
  • International Women’s Day 
  • International Puppy Day 

March Marketing Calendar

Here’s how you can invest in some of the events and celebrations to market your business in March. 


National Reading Month 

The US celebrates March as the national reading month in honor of Dr. Seuss. A good percentage of people love reading, and even though you don’t run a bookstore, you can still hop on the hype. 


One of the ways to do this is by sharing your reading list with your audience on social media platforms. You can then ask them to post their favorite reads and tag your business. If you are not much of a reader, you can even ask for suggestions on alternatives. 


The aim is to get an active audience because it makes it easy to interact with your business. Also, remember to research and use trending hashtags like the #NationalReadingMonth for more people to see your posts. 


National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day 

It’s also celebrated in March and is the perfect time to promote local businesses. You can promote your business as a local brand and even support other local brands. 


For instance, you can interact with your audience on social media and mention a few of your favorite local brands. In turn, you can then ask your followers to list their favorite local brands and use a trending hashtag like #Shoplocal. That way, people can easily find your business’s posts, which draws more visitors and is great for business. 


You can also collaborate with other local brands and have an online giveaway to appreciate local customers. You can also include a contest to select a winner in the giveaway. For instance, the followers need to mention what they love about your brands and tag several of their friends, who should also follow your businesses. It builds a following and gives your business a bigger platform to sell to and serve. 


Employee Appreciation Day 

Customers love businesses that love and appreciate their employees. It reflects its culture and values, which contribute significantly to building trust. Luckily, March is the month when the US celebrates employees. 


You can hop on this by posting an employee that selflessly serves your customers, maybe every week or the entire month. Also, don’t forget to use a trending hashtag to expose your business to a larger audience. It also motivates other employees to work harder to feature in the next campaign. 


March Madness Marketing 

March Madness celebrates the NCAA Men’s Division 1 College Basketball. You can’t afford not to hop on this. Even if your business is not related to sports, a good percentage of your audience are big fans. How about you sharing in their joy? 


You can utilize this by having a discount code for your products and services running the entire of March. Additionally, you can involve your employees and select a day when you dress in different sports attire to celebrate the teams. After that, you can take a photo of your staff and update it on your Instagram for your audience. 


Clients appreciate a business with fun personnel because they reciprocate the same energy to their customers. As usual, don’t forget to use trending hashtags like #theMarchMadness. 


National Nutrition Day 

Here’s another exciting event for March, and you don’t need to be a professional chef, but lucky for you if you are. You can use your business platform to promote healthy eating habits. For instance, research a clear and eye-catching image and educate your followers on the importance of healthy living. 


You can even update your blog if you have one. Research healthy eating habits and write about them. Remember to use the correct keywords and trending hashtags for optimization in every method you use. 


Additionally, if you are in healthcare, you can run a free consultation service either online or in a physical location if COVID allows. Educate your audience on healthy habits and everything around them. Such actions build trust in your brand, which is great for business. 


National Women’s History 

March is the month the world celebrates all women. That makes it the perfect time to appreciate every woman related to your business. As an entrepreneur, you can remember some women heroes who make the world a better place. This could be an employee in your firm, activist, politician, or business leader in your industry. 


Make celebratory posts on your social platforms about these people and include hashtags like #NationalWomen’sHistory in your celebration posts. You could even run a sale about this and maybe contribute to a noble cause involving women. Lastly, don’t forget to let your audience know about it. 


First Day of Spring 

How can you forgo this? You cannot because it’s huge. March is when the US celebrates the first spring day after the winter. Your business needs to bring in sunshine, reminding the audience that summer is approaching and people can now come out and play. 


You can do this by posting some beautiful flowers and an optimistic caption with the trending hashtags. Also, having offers to celebrate the first day of spring would do great for your business.


So, What Next?

You need to update your monthly calendar and take advantage of every event to benefit your business. Remember, customers love an active platform, so give them that as you promote your venture. Lastly, for more marketing tips and strategies, get in touch with us. Our team of experts is always ready to guide you.

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