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A Designers Tips For Branding Your Social Media Accounts

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Why You Should Brand Your Social Media

Are you making the most of your Social Media posts? Does your audience recognize your brand?
Social Media is a great tool for business owners. A quick post – and you’re instantly connected to all of your followers. There are many elements to focus on when branding your accounts and posting, to ensure your social accounts are working towards promoting your business and brand image.


Are You Recognizable?

Do you have a tone or mood that is recognized by your user? Visuals are the number one way for clients to recognize your brand. Find a color pallet that is reflective of your industry. Are you promoting health services? Try calmer subtle, softer colors with dominating whites to appear clean and holistic. Is your business model encouraging travel? Try something bright paired with darker hues to instill a sense of adventure and movement. These color scheme tips, may help you choose the perfect color scheme for your industry.



Once you have established your color scheme. Keep it. Do not stray from it. The key is to keep it consistent. Use images in the same or similar tones. When posting, keep in mind your last post – does the new post visually play well, or does it clash? Try to post images of similar colors and moods next to each other. The more visual recognition from an outsider’s perspective – the more your brand will appear as a whole.


What Does Your Brand Say About You?

Social media can be a valuable marketing tool – in order to tap into its full potential, you should make your branding recognizable in order to become established. It’s important to determine your social media strategy. Take into consideration how posts and imagery are lining up with your brand, your message and your mission statement and values.


Do You Have a Voice?

Your voice and writing style is a very important aspect of your brand. It makes your audience aware of your brand’s personality. Different audience members are drawn to different brand personalities. Hone in on what your target audience finds enticing and attractive. Use consistent language to craft your brand, and use these words often to build strong messages.


Are You Interacting Consistently?

Having a consistent routine on social media is as important as having consistent branding. There is nothing worse than following a business who posts once in a blue moon. Sticking to an established calendar schedule for posts – and posting around the same time of day can encourage your users to check in on you. Consider time zones and your audience’s best availability – are they early morning risers? Do they check social media on their lunch breaks?
To recap – use solid branding elements throughout your social media accounts to establish your business. Use consistent visuals, and a writing voice that is appropriate for your audience. Keep style in mind when interacting with your users and you will see a steady increase of followers. Maintain a time frame for posting that works for your audience – and try to stick with it.


The main thing to remember is to maintain your branding design and color schemes across social platforms, while keeping content uniquely consistent and engaging across your accounts. Keeping the consistency will keep your users coming back and will build a strong and recognizable brand for your business.


Do you need help with your Social Media branding or logo design? Contact us today.

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