Best Apps to Use for Business

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Best Apps to Use for Business


There is not one application or program that businesses can use that encompasses all tools, unfortunately. But, there are many apps that can help you stay organized and keep your business growing. We’ve listed the top apps, their functions, and their websites!



Trello- buy it!
  • Trello is a project-management app that tracks project workflows
  • It allows you to create a card that represents a specific assignment or task
  • On this card you can add an assortment of things including: team members, comments, attachments, checklists, or due dates
  • When a card has been changed or updated, Trello will send members on card an email alerting them of the change







Dropbox- buy it! 
  • Dropbox is a very popular app that stores an unlimited amount of files
  • It allows companies to store and share files from anywhere, whether it’s in two different countries or the same office!
  • This app also works on any devices and operating systems


























MailChimp- buy it! 
  • MailChimp is an email marketing tool that helps create and manage client email lists and sends
  • It allows you to build and customize emails and email templates and then view their performance
  • When you view the performance it shows who has specifically clicked on it, where they clicked i the email or if someone just opened your email





















Slack- get it! 
  • Slack is an instant message app but it has some nifty features
  • It allows you to organize your employees conversations into public or private channels
  • This app also makes it easy for it’s users to share images, PDFs, and any other files by simply dragging and dropping them into your message
  • Like most messaging apps, it also archives all messages


Slack overview




TripIt- sign up! 
  • This is a super unique travel app that consolidates your travel plans into one consolidated place
  • It allows you to access your travel information from any devices, from laptops to cell phones
  • You are also able to forward any and all travel emails to TripIt and it will organize these automatically
  • This app also allows you to check your departure times, directions to the airport, and weather reports.









Evernote- get it! 
  • Evernote is an app that allows you to save pieces of information from the web in one place
  • It allows you to tag the info you save, and alter them, condense or embed anything from pictures, tables, audio, or video.
  • You can also use Evernote for notes, journaling, to-do lists, recipes, contacts, and even storage for emails or documents



































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