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Construction Website Design Best Practices

Construction Website Design | Faster Solutions Web Design in Duluth, MN

There are over 729,000 registered construction companies and home builders in the United States. The competition for projects is stiff and the challenges of getting leads and sales continues to grow. Having a website built for your construction company can generate a sizable increase in leads and projects won, but in order to see those benefits you want a website that is built to leverage the strengths of your construction company, not a one size fits all website. In this post we will share our experience in custom construction website design, so you know all the necessary success factors your construction website requires.


  • Photo Galleries: You build great things, show them off. Your past projects are the foundation on which your company is built. Unfortunately we see many construction websites where a single photo album contains 100’s of photos with no clear navigation and no clear organization. Many visitors are looking for a past project or a specific home- if they can’t easily find it, you very likely just lost a lead and possibly your next project. Construction websites need clearly defined galleries with categories (full build, remodel, etc.) and a separate album for each project. For homes and other full builds the primary identifying album image for each needs to be an exterior photo of the completed project. This allows users to easily find the project they’re looking for or designs they prefer and then explore them further. Keep navigation easy and projects separated in your photo gallery, and you will see more leads.


  • Testimonials: While testimonials are important for all businesses; a new home, custom interiors, or remodeling can be an expensive proposition for potential construction clients. They want to ensure they are hiring a contractor they can trust. We have seen many websites with no testimonials or where they are so difficult to find they might as well not be there. A successful construction website design requires easy to find testimonials that display or are attached to an image of the project they are referring to. This lets users attach a visual of the project to your glowing testimonial, and form a stronger positive impression of you and your work than just a testimonial alone, could ever do. Testimonials act as your construction websites on-page referral system.


  • About Us: Experience and google analytics data has shown us that for construction websites the “About Us” or “History” page is one of the most important aspects of successful website lead generation. Testimonials show users what others think of your work, but most users want more. They of course want to hear about your work, but they also want to hear about you and your company. We have found the more detailed the “About Us” page is the bigger the impact. A quality “About Us” page often has a Large and measurable effect on the number of leads generated on construction websites. People want to know who they could be working with, before ever making contact. Remember, ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.’ –Simon Sinek


  • Contact Page: We see many construction websites that do great in almost all the areas previously discussed, and then it appears they stop when they reach the last and most important step of their lead generation pages – The Contact Page. Having a great looking construction website, with well-designed galleries, quality testimonials, and detailed company information, but a poorly designed contact page is like a home with no insulation – all your heat (leads) is going to rush out. Your work and website has made such a great impression a user now wants to contact you and become a lead. Don’t (as many construction websites do) make the process difficult! Make finding how to contact you extremely easy. Users should be able to contact you from any page. If you have a contact form only request the information you absolutely need (Name, Email, and Phone-number), it’s better to have what you may feel is too little information and a lead, than require lots of information and lose leads. Your construction website design should ensure contacting you is straightforward, simple, and convenient.
Old and new drill side by side

You have upgraded your tools it’s time to upgrade your website.


While there are many other factors involved in a successful construction website design, experience (and data) has shown us these four discussed must make up the initial foundation, on which to build the rest of your website upon, to achieve optimal results. We hope the knowledge and experience we have shared, helps you increase the effectiveness of your construction website. Ensuring your construction website design is developed around these recommendations will result in more leads and more projects.


20 years of Website Design Experience

If you are looking for a new construction website or a redesign, consider Faster Solutions for all your digital needs. We specialize in custom web design, allowing us to give you a website that is tailored to match your users and goals with a system for optimal lead generation.

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By Benjamin Henniges

Faster Solutions Web-marketing Coordinator

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