Copywriting for the Web combines SEO & glance friendly writing style

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Copywriting for the Web combines SEO & glance friendly writing style

We recently redesigned a website for a northern Minnesota resort and revamped their content. Their site was a few years old and definitely ready for a new look and fresh copy. We wrote user friendly and search engine friendly copy that increased their keyword rankings for over 30 keywords. 10 of these moved their site to the first page of Google! We will eventually provide a case study as more data comes in for this site, so stay tuned! But if you need a couple of tips now, here are two key things to keep in mind.

  • SEO – Concentrate on ONLY 3 -5 keywords or phrases per page. Write your copy focusing on these keywords. For example, if one phrase you’re focusing on is “cabins for rent on lake superior” use this exact phrase in your copy. I.e. “We have beautiful cabins for rent on Lake Superior” not “We have beautiful cabins on Lake Superior.”
  • Glance Friendly – There is a fine balance between enough copy for the search engines and too much copy for the readers. Keep it short and sweet! Test a page on your site. Can you glance at it and immediately know what the page is about? If no, consider doing some rewriting and reorganizing!

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