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Cyber Security Update: Fall 2021

Fall 2021 cyber security update

Your Cybersecurity Update: Fall 2021 


The online space can be a mystery to understand! While it presents tons of opportunities, there’s an equal measure of threats to watch out for. As an internet user, you need to be on high alert to benefit from online opportunities while staying protected from online threats. In this post, you’ll discover some of the best 2021 online opportunities. So, let’s get to it!


  1. Cybersecurity Course

Cyber threats like malware attacks are the leading cause of risks in the online space. According to a study done by Purplesec, 92% of malware is delivered via email, more than 98% of malware targets android gadgets and malware cases on macOS have increased by 165% over the last few years. 


Sadly, the threats are not coming to an end any time soon. However, it’s possible to counter them by taking the necessary caution. 


If you’re wondering how to go about it, that’s where the Udacity Cybersecurity Course comes in handy. The course is divided into seven modules. The lessons are 35 hours long and can be completed in four weeks if you’re doing 10 hours per week. 


This course teaches you cybersecurity fundamentals, including how networks handle routing, DNS, and load balancing. You should expect to learn about the Linux operating system and how to build cloud infrastructure. 


Taking this introduction to Cybersecurity course is what you need to jumpstart your profession in cybersecurity. The course also teaches you how to evaluate, maintain, and monitor the security of computer systems. 


After diagnosing threats, you’ll also learn how to respond to the issues quickly. Cyber threats spread fast from one system to another. So they require prompt action to neutralize. You can only get this by taking the Introduction to Cybersecurity course.


The course program is more practical-oriented and less theoretical. You should expect real-world projects from industry experts, technical mentor support, and career services. Most importantly, the course is flexible, and you can get a customized learning plan.


Can anyone take the course, you ask? The truth is, anyone can enroll for the Introduction to Cybersecurity course. However, it would be best if you had a background in network connectivity and operating systems. The good news is, you only need to have the basics to get started.



  1. Online Courses with Google

Many online courses cost an arm and a leg, probably because of the value they offer. While some are affordable, others are moderately expensive, while some have highly inflated prices. If you need the courses, you’ll still have to pay to access them whether you like it or not.


In particular, the digital space has a plethora of online courses ranging from digital marketing to inbound marketing to SEO and social media, to mention a few. Since most of the courses cost a fortune, they’re left for people who can afford them.


But what if you still desire to take a course while on a budget? There is no need to stress over it because you can head over to Google’s Digital Garage for fantastic free online courses. There are also cool paid courses if you want to go down this road. 


This is your go-to one-stop hub for invaluable online courses, with over 15-course providers. You’ll find typical course providers like Google, Coursera, Darden School of Business, Deakin University, FutureLearn, Google Cloud, Monash University, and Udacity, to mention a few.


The course lengths vary from one provider to another, giving users the option to choose what works for them. If you don’t want an online course that takes forever to complete, you’ll find one that fits your schedule. The same applies if you prefer long online courses with a lot of content.


Some of these online courses are under two hours long, others are between two and ten hours, 11 and 20 hours, while some are over 20 hours long. Depending on your availability, you can go with a plan that works for you. 


Examples of online courses to find on Google’s Digital Garage are Fundamentals of digital marketing, Get a business online, Make sure customers find you online, Promote a business with online advertising, Connect with customers over mobile and Promote a business with content. You can get started on any of the courses by creating an account here.



  1. Remote Work

Remote work is becoming more popular by the day because of the increasing demand. Today, many people prefer working online, studying online, or teaching online because it’s more convenient. Remote operations are possible, thanks to the internet that has made the world a global village.


However, the online space has tons of distractions. So, it’s possible to find oneself deviating to less important things. This is one challenge to counter if you want to enjoy the benefits of operating remotely. 


Thus, to remain productive, it would be best if you took training in remote work. Google’s Garage remote work offers unlimited opportunities for those who want to stay connected and productive. 


The course is divided into four categories—Work from anywhere, Run your business from anywhere, Teach from anywhere, and Learn from anywhere. 


          • Work from anywhere: Acquire skills and resources you can use to communicate and collaborate effectively with your teams.
          • Run your business from anywhere: In this module, you’ll acquire the right tools and discover how to make your business run smoothly by establishing a strong team.
          • Teach from anywhere: This module presents numerous ways to keep students taking distance learning engaged throughout the course work.
          • Learn from anywhere: Lastly, this module is an opportunity for anyone to sign up and learn from online courses. You can enroll and start learning new skills like marketing, coding, and how to get organized with Google Drive.


Register here to get started on Google’s Garage remote work.



Wrapping Up

At Faster Solutions, we love to see you succeed. That’s why we’ve put together this post to show you some of the free and paid online courses you can take to improve your skills. Let us know if you have any questions.


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