Design Trends for 2011

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Design Trends for 2011

Simple, Simple, Simple

The simpler your web site design and content are, the faster your visitors can find what they are looking for. Today, the predominate elements of a web site design are to have large navigation buttons, and large imagery to give your site its overall look and feel. The large buttons help to guide through the site, and the large professional photos give you a quick visual overview of what to expect from your company.

Blogs Continued…

Of course, blogging will continue to be a trend in web sites. The best thing about blogging is that they allow you to stay connected to your audience and provide an ability to post topics of interest and hear instant feedback . There are also multiple tools that can be added to a blog to keep your audience informed of your new posts. If you look at other features of our blog, you will see some of these at work.

Flash Who?

Another continued trend into 2011 is the move away from Flash animation, and into Javascript animation. With the rise in smart phones, especially the iPhone not supporting Flash, this gives a big push to the alternative.  Uses of Javascript animation types include header photo rotations, photo galleries, and navigation (like drop down menus). Overall, Javascript animation is widely accepted, and is also more desirable for search engines to index your content.


If you haven’t heard of this version of HTML (HyperText Markup Language), you will. HTML5 is the newest web standard of HTML code, that all websites are based upon. It brings with it a plethora of new ways to structure web sites, serve content like video, and make web pages accessible to a wider audience. HTML5 is also reverse compatible, meaning there are very few things that were done in older web sites that will no longer work in new web sites. HTML5 is not fully supported across all browsers at this time, and the ultimate goal for the W3C working group is to get it fully supported by the year 2012. So, listen up if you hear someone mention HTML5.

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