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Digital Marketing Roundup: News From the Last 30 Days

Digital marketing roundup news from the last 30 days


Welcome to the May edition of the digital roundup. Things were very busy this month, Google’s Marketing Next conference was earlier this week and they announced some new tools! 


Updates on Google: A Summary of Google’s Marketing Next Conference

Google held their annual conference, Google Marketing Next, Google announced some excited new tools and innovations for digital marketers.


  • Google Attribution tool
    • Google Attribution was one of the new measurement updates that was announced. It is a free tool used to exam different touch points and conversion paths. This tool is a HUGE step up in the digital marketing industry because it helps answer the huge question “is my marketing performing?”


    • How does this tool work exactly? It helps a marketer measure the impact of their marketing across all devices and channels. With so many different digital platforms these days, it can be tough to keep track of your client’s touch points. They could view your YouTube video, then click on your search ad, or view your Facebook page. Not only are there different platforms to keep track of, but they can come from different devices as well. A consumer is at work and views a product on their desktop. Then the consumer bookmarks the page and looks at it later on their mobile device.


Attribution Diagram cropped



















  • YouTube location extensions now added
    • It was announced this week that location extensions for YouTube and in-store sales measurement for AdWords. Location extensions have been available for search and display ad campaigns for awhile now. We can infer that YouTube ads will most likely soon get call buttons, hours, and photos as well.


    • What does this exactly mean? Location extensions help people find your business location by showing your ads with your address, a map, or the distance to your business. This allows people to tap on your extension to get more details about your location on your Google business page. These extensions may also list your business phone number or a call button.  


Location Extensions and Store Visits


In-Store Visit Updates/Store Sales Measurement
  • It has always been a challenge for marketers to measure how digital marketing impacts in-store purchases. Google announced a solution, they are now able to track more store visits due to upgrades. They are also rolling out a tool that allows you to measure actual in-store revenue.


  • How does this work? With the help of tracking and analytics, Google will be able to use different sets of data to measure what amount of digital marketing traffic is converting into in-store sales. Google has gotten good at using wifi signal, mapping and store visits to help measure this. They are also integrating point of sale data into AdWords to also help marketers figure out a visit from conversion.



















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