Faster Class: Marketing Automation

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Faster Class: Marketing Automation

Welcome to Faster Class, where you can become a master at your company’s digital experience all from the comfort of your own computer! Today we’re discussing marketing automation, which is at the top of every 2021 “Marketing Must-Have” list


You may have seen the term “Marketing Automation” so much that it’s begun to look more like a buzzword to you than anything meaningful. The good news is that marketing automation is not just meaningful, it’s an absolute gift to all professionals; and we’re here to make it something you can use. But don’t put this all on your own shoulders — give us a call today to set up your own marketing automation plan with us! 


Marketing automation helps solve a few issues in your business’ digital marketing. The first big issue it solves is that it places all of your marketing in one spot. It’s overwhelming to hop from Google Analytics to Google Ads, then over to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to check the statistics there. And while checking your statistics is fun, chances are, you’re not hopping around all of your channels for fun. You’re more likely reporting this data at a meeting or in an email, to your company leaders and supervisors.


With marketing automation, you can find a lot of your data in one spot. How many website visitors have you had in the last 7 days? What about the last 30? How many came from your digital ads? From your latest social media campaign? How many prospects and clients opened that email you sent last week and how many clicked through it?


Numbers are great, but marketing automation takes it to another level. For example, let’s say that of your thousands of website visits to your law firm website in a 30-day window, a few-hundred of them come from the same local human resources firm. Not only that, but the visitor at this HR firm keeps reading your page detailing mediation services. 


Now you can use the same marketing automation platform that you’ve used to check this data, to send a targeted email to that HR firm. You can advertise your mediation services, offer a discount code for any services after signing up for a consultation, maybe even both! Keep in mind, this HR company isn’t a prospect that you’ve added to your CRM or email-send list. It’s a new enough business that it just wasn’t on your radar yet. Even if you’re hitting the ground to keep your prospects updated, marketing automation helps so you don’t have to do all the work.


Let’s talk about the prospects you do have in your CRM. You can set up an email campaign that sends an Eblast to all of your prospects and current clients. Not only can you check back and see who opened/clicked through/unsubscribed from your latest email. You can also set up another targeted email that only goes to the prospects who opened your last message. You can continue doing this through what we call a drip campaign.  Of course, your business’ marketing plan isn’t all about landing sales or prospects, or reporting all the statistics.


When you send out emails automatically, they’re also personalized and timely.  They can include a note of gratitude for service at the exact moment they’re looking for service support. You can address it to each individual client, automatically sent directly to them, based on their unique behavior and interaction with your website content. It’s a way to show you care at the right time when they need it most.


Now the fun begins — and this is the most important part of your strategy — when you get to decide just what story you want your business to tell, and how you want your business to tell it. 


Whether you want to share an adorable video of a child sledding for your tourism organization, or if you want to advertise a new discount on a service you’ll be offering, this is a story you want to tell consistently across all of your channels. Include the fun sledding video across all of your social media channels. Send it in a targeted email to promote getting away from the office for a weekend. You can tell this story all from one place for your marketing channels. And it doesn’t take a whole day’s work to do so. 


Let’s chat today about getting marketing automation set up for you, and see how we can help grow your story!


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