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There are a lot of tools available to track website traffic and even more ways to advertise online.  At Faster Solutions, we are familiar with and utilize a variety of these tools. (Never put all your eggs in one basket, right?)  However, we all know that Google dominates the Internet world… (see graphic to the right – provided by Net Market Share). It’s extremely important if you want to succeed within Google’s search engine and pay per click advertising, to hire a company experienced in both.

Google has training and certification centers for Google Analytics (web traffic and ROI tracking) and Google AdWords  (pay per click/online advertising).

Google Analytics

Even beginners are able to gather data from Google Analytics. You can view and create detailed reports simply by creating a Google Analytics account and copying and pasting the generated code into your site.  However, with Google Analytics Certification training you gain a complete understanding of the tracking code and how to manipulate it in order to track key performance indicators – those metrics that give you actionable data. In order to be a certified, you must have an intimate understanding of how to adjust the code to best track the various goals of your website, work across multiple domains, install eCommerce tracking, track non-eCommerce objectives, explore internal site search, and more –  all for various types of campaigns and marketing efforts.  If you’re tired of staring at your Google Analytics stats wondering what you can possibly glean out of the massive amounts of numbers and charts, talk to us about your goals! We are Google Analytics Certified and we’d love to help!

Google Adwords

If you’re interested in pay per click advertising, Google AdWords training and certification is a great option. The Google Certification program not only teaches you the best way to organize an AdWords campaign but also covers the absolute best practices for getting the most out of your advertising dollars AND tracking your conversions / ROI. Our marketing team has a deep understanding of AdWords optimization, including the importance of AdRank, Quality Scores, Landing Page Quality, Click Through Rates and what it means for your AdWords Campaign. Running a campaign without understanding the previously listed items (and other factors) will end up costing you more! A Qualified Adwords Partner will make your dollars stretch further so that you’re able to bid smarter and gain even more clicks, without increasing your budget. We can also help you choose the right Google Display Network and Search Partner sites to display your ads. And as a Google Adwords Certified Partner, we understand the importance of constantly testing and improving your AdWords campaign to make sure you’re always getting the most out of your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.

Choosing a Certified Partner

If you do choose to hire a company to manage your Google Analytics and/ or Google Adwords Campaigns, we highly recommend making sure they’re Google Certified.  Remember, anyone can sign up for an Analytics and/or Adwords account.  A Google Certified individual has gone through the training, has taken the exams, and passed them.  So you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing, that your goals are being met, tracked, and analyzed by a well trained, experienced team.

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