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How Marketing Automation and E-Mail Marketing go Hand in Hand

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, marketing automation is a key strategy for 2019 and beyond. Simply put, marketing automation refers to any marketing tool in which users complete an action that “triggers” a specific response aimed at engaging that user. For example, perhaps a user visits a particular page on your website that includes a “Request Information” form. When they submit this form, they automatically receive an e-mail thanking them for their submission. Steps like this are the basis of marketing automation — they allow you attract, engage with, and inspire your clients without requiring you to lift a finger (once the systems are in place).

Of course, the benefits of marketing automation go far beyond the opportunity to “set it and forget it.” One major reason that marketing automation systems work so well is because they make it easier than ever to deliver personalized, targeted marketing materials to your clients. For example, let’s go back to the example of a user on your website who submits a “Request Information” form. Chances are, they submitted more than just their e-mail address. The form may have also asked for details such as:

  • First and last name
  • What kind of information they need
  • Role / title at their workplace
  • Where they’re from

With this information, your marketing automation system can not only send an automated e-mail to the prospective client, it can send a personalized e-mail. By adding filters and conditions to your marketing automation system, you can trigger different e-mail auto-responses based on the information submitted by the user.

For example, let’s say you owned an online sporting equipment store. Your “Request Information” or “E-Mail Signup” form asks one simple question (in addition to basic information such as name and e-mail address): who are you shopping for and why? The possible answers include:

  • Coach / Athletic Director purchasing equipment for a school sports program
  • A parent purchasing equipment for my child
  • An athlete purchasing equipment for myself

Here’s how we could take a single e-mail template and “tweak” it to better engage with each type of customer:

  • Coaches & athletic directors — an e-mail template aimed at coaches / AD’s might highlight bulk discounts, reseller programs, and uniform sales.
  • Parents — for this e-mail template, you could focus on equipment that prioritizes safety, or “training” equipment for helping young athletes develop their skills.
  • Athletes — an athlete wants to know how your equipment will give them the competitive edge. Highlight the quality of your products.

From there, you can configure your system to continue to e-mail these new potential clients with content that’s specific to their interests and priorities. Instead of getting frustrated by “spammy” e-mails that aren’t relevant to what they’re looking for, your customers will (automatically!) receive the information they’re looking for.


And that’s just one example of how marketing automation can turbo-charge your e-mail marketing. There are other, more advanced features available as well: you can trigger an automatic e-mail when a visitor to your website adds a product to their cart but does not check out — and the e-mail itself includes that specific product that visitor considered!


Interested in learning how to set up your own marketing automation system? Contact us today and let’s get started!


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