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How the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Is Affecting Small Businesses & Why You Need to Keep Marketing

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During this unpredictable time of uncertainty, it’s important that while we take care of our families and personally prepare for COVID-19, we also make sure our businesses are communicating and continuing to support our customers. This way, we may weather this storm together with a unified strength. 


Faster Solutions and our partners are compiling data based on the business and economy trends that we currently have available. We have identified a quick list of what you need to do to keep strong relationships with your customers and clients. 


Communicate Changes

Communicating efficiently is going to be key to maintaining customer relationships. You’ve worked hard and spent money on building and establishing trust with your customers, so don’t stop communicating now. Clearly state how your company can refund, reschedule or offer any form of relief for those who may be experiencing duress during these difficult times. 


Communicating these changes early on and frequently will help dispel any confusion as to how you’re operating. A few ideas include updating your Google My Business Listing with your updated hours of service. Your description can detail what you can offer to help, and any precautions you’re putting in place. By making these edits, your Google Search and Maps details will be updated. (Insert our Google (Insert Image Here of example Updated My Google Business)


Along with updating your business listing, your ad copy, email sends, social media posts and blogs can also be updated with your information. Pay close attention to your callout extensions that may state your operating hours. Example: 


Faster Solutions Google My Business Listing


Callout Extensions


Review Your Accounts

It’s clear our markets are rapidly changing because of COVID-19. Therefore you should review your paid search and paid social accounts for drops in traffic — clicks and impressions — in Google Analytics and Google Ads. Those will identify what is happening and identify areas where you may see a drop in conversions. This will also offer insight on how to adjust your ad spend and placement. 


You should also tune into your social media comments. It’s extremely important to respond to and monitor comments within your posts. There is a lot of misinformation propagating quickly, and fear-based comments can detract potential customers. 


Finally, it’s a good idea to create and review what message you want to send on all channels and communicate this effectively to whoever is managing your channels with a clear plan of execution and timing. This way, your customers and potential customers are receiving consistent information. 


Adjust Your Plan

We are embracing daily change and it is stressful for everyone. By proactively updating your information you can help calm the nerves of consumers. 


Adjusting your ads so that you’re not advertising for items that are out of stock, or pausing that campaign altogether so that you don’t waste your budget, is essential during this time. Of course, this concerns some that they may see a decline in business, but after evaluating your strategy and updating your plan, you’ll have a better idea of what to put that budget toward instead. 


Our tourism industries are an example of why adjusting your plan is important. Most people can’t travel right now, but they’re still interested in planning travel for 2021. So a shift in your marketing strategy could focus on planning for travel in the future, like: “Book Your Fall Travel Today” or “2021 Getaways Available.” 


Offer Help Where You Can

Uniting our communities and supporting one another should be a part of your continued plan. It’s a good idea during these uncertain times to offer your customers ways that you can help them during this time. Updating your marketing channels with how you can help, and a message about the continuity you have with your community and your customers will help strengthen one another and offer a hand during this time of need. 


Keep Touching Base

COVID-19’s impact is, unfortunately, affecting all of us worldwide Additionally, the health and safety of our families and communities are paramount to any other priority. Most businesses are already feeling the impact of the virus, so it is important to stay up to date with information. 


Along with checking in with your customers regularly, please check in with Faster Solutions, as we will continue to update you in the coming weeks with marketing-relevant information and support. We are here to help. 

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