How To Get the Most Out of Pinterest For Your Business

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Similar to a lot of social media platforms, Pinterest is no longer for just the do-it-yourselfers and stay-at-home moms. Pinterest is a platform that can be utilized for business purposes like increasing awareness, boosting blog traffic, generating new leads and growing sales. But how exactly?Keep reading for a list of the top things you can do to get the most out of Pinterest for your business.


Create boards that reflect your business

It’s easy to want to create boards that are for fun, but that’s more appropriate for your personal Pinterest account. Instead, make sure to create boards that are reflective of your business. How can you do this? Develop boards that are going to share information with potential customers, ones that are related to your target audience, and those that are specifically about your business. Not only are photos are good, but infographics are great to use as a pin’s image, too! Infographics work because they are visual and easy to read, making the information easy for the user to digest.

Make sure your pins are fully optimized

Once you’ve created your boards, the next step is creating your pins and optimizing them. There are several different ways to do this:

  • Make sure to add keywords into the title of your pins.
  • Each should also have a description, where you can add your website or blog link to guide traffic.
  • Have a CTA (call-to-action) on your website telling visitors to download the Pinterest extension on their browser so they can hover over images on your site and pin them on their personal boards. This will make sharing content from your site quick and easy!
  • Make sure your image’s name matches what the image is, it can be a keyword as well. By doing this, you will help people find your relative article/website page.






Make sure it is also easy to share pins on your actual website

Not only do you want to make sure there are backlinks on your pins to your website, but you want to make sure your blogs and any images also have a pin feature on your website so that it makes it easy for visitors to save your content onto their Pinterest. This will allow others to find it and share it easily and will overall just increase awareness and traffic to your website!


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