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“Inter-Activate” Your Digital Marketing

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It’s no secret that online shopping has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. In fact, as of 2017, a majority of Americans now say they prefer online shopping to a traditional brick-and-mortar retail experience; among Millennials and Gen X-ers, the percentages are even higher. Considering that you’re currently reading a blog about digital marketing for your business, it’s safe to say you’re already aware of the importance of a strong online presence for your business. Perhaps you already have an eCommerce website that allows your clients to browse your products and purchase them online, saving both you and the customer time and money.


Of course, while online shopping provides clear benefits to customers — it’s convenient, private, and makes comparison shopping much easier — there are downsides as well. For example, a customer cannot feel, example, or try on a product before they order. If they have a question about a product that the online description does not answer, a customer cannot simply ask a nearby salesperson for assistance.


While it might be at least a few years before anyone develops technology that allows us to touch and feel products over the internet, plenty of options exist for ways to provide your clients with a more personalized, interactive online shopping experience. “Interactive” is a major marketing buzzword for 2018 — users across the web have shown that they enjoy an online experience where they have an opportunity to participate, instead of passively taking in information. This is where website features such as pop-up “Chat Boxes” can have a huge impact.


Imagine you’re shopping for a new pair of shoes on a “mom & pop” online shoe store. You find a pair that catches your eye, but you’ve never heard of the brand, so you’re a little hesitant. You scroll through the product page looking for information, but all you find is the available sizes and colors. Sigh. 


Now, imagine that one of two things happens next:


Option A: You scroll through the page a little more, Google the brand and model of the shoe to browse reviews, find conflicting information, and start to wonder if it’s worth the trouble.


Option B: When you scroll to the bottom of the page, a little chat box pops up on the screen with a message that says, “Hi there! I’m Mark, it seems like you might be interested in this pair of shoes. Do you have any questions I can answer?”


Which option do you think will lead to you making a purchase on the “mom & pop” online store?


Higher sales and increased trust in your business are just some of the reasons why a chat box can be a great option for your website, as well as other features that help provide an interactive, engaging, and all-around satisfying experience for your online customers. Don’t lose another sale – Let’s chat about your options today!

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