iOS 14.5 Privacy Updates

Ios 14.5 Iphone updates
iOS 14.5 Privacy Updates

On January 21, 2021, Apple released a press release talking about their customer’s data privacy. In the spring of 2021, Apple will now require every app – including its own – to get users’ permission before tracking their data. App Tracking Transparency will be soon available with the net beta update.


According to Apple’s Article: (Linked Here)

“Every product page on the App Store includes standardized, easy-to-read information based on the developer’s self-reported data practices. The privacy nutrition labels give users key information about how an app uses their data — including whether the data is used to track them, linked to them, or not linked to them.

Under Settings, users will be able to see which apps have requested permission to track and make changes as they see fit. This requirement will roll out broadly in early spring with an upcoming release of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14”


Widely supported by privacy advocates, businesses are worried about how these changes will affect them and how they can stay in touch with their clients and track performance.


What is App Tracking Transparency?

App Tracking Transparency is a feature that allows apps to display a pop-up that explains what data the app wants to collect and its purpose for collecting it. With Apple’s new update you will be asked one simple question ‘ask app not to track’ or ‘Allow’ for every app.


What Does This Mean for Me Personally:

To use the App Tracking Transparency, you will only have to install the latest iOS update, which if you have it set up, it will happen automatically. Then apps that use tracking will display a request opt-in or out function.

What Does This Mean for My Company:

One of the largest companies objecting to this update is Facebook. As a main social media advertising platform that depends on user data to drive most of its advertiser’s traffic to potential customers, the idea of customers easily able to opt-out of giving their data is a major concern for them. According to 46.9% of all smartphone users are on Apple iPhone.
Facebook claims that these changes will hurt the personalization of ads that support small businesses. Apple users could easily opt-out of having Facebook track data with their App.
With these updates to iOS 14.5, most of the impact will depend on how many people choose to opt-out of tracking. What this could mean is that remarketing as we know it could be a thing of the past. Check out our (remarketing blog name/link) for more information.


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