Marketing Essentials for 2013

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Marketing Essentials for 2013

Start the New Year with our Marketing Essentials to bring your company to the top in 2013!

Mobile Website

Websites that are adapted for mobile use allow customers to access websites wherever they are. If a customer is looking to purchase a product, make a reservation, find business hours, contact information, or any kind of detail they may want to know they can access this information right at their finger-tips in an easy and convenient way. Even though smartphones can access the internet and pull up a company’s original website, it may not be as smartphone friendly as a website designed to be used on a mobile device. According to, in a survey conducted by Google with about 1,100 US adult smartphone users; half said they would not use a companies’ website on their smartphone if it did not work.  Therefore, setting up a mobile website is essential to consider when planning your marketing tactics for the New Year.


A blog is a great way to post updates and generate more traffic to your website as well as gives you an opportunity to continuously update your website. The more you update your site, the more significant search engines think your site is. Search engines will begin to identify your site as a good source of current information, and you will rank high for the keywords you use. With every post, you have another chance to rank for new search terms. An additional perk of having a blog on your website is each entry is archived within the site which is great for SEO.

Social Media

As social media is becoming the “newer” SEO consider a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account or Google+ page for your business. Facebook has “likes”, Twitter has “followers”, LinkedIn has “connections” and Google+ has a “+1” feature. The greater web presence your business has and the larger following your business generates is starting to affect SEO. Search engines are starting to favor websites that have more “Likes”, “Followers”, “Connections”, “+1”, “PINS”, etc. as this tells search engines these sites are favorable to visitors. Therefore, the more involved your business is with social media the better it is for SEO.

Keyword Bidding

If you aren’t keyword bidding we highly recommend getting involved with PPC advertising in 2013 as this actually impacts organic rank and search results! By bidding on keywords/ phrases is a great way to attract visitors to your website because your ad will have the opportunity to display at the top and side bar of search results. By buying keywords you can generate more clicks which brings more traffic to your site. Search engines will favor sites that generate more traffic and will display those sites in organic search results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a less expensive and time consuming option to market your business verses an intricate campaign filled with television ads and mailing flyers.  With email marketing you can deploy your message in an instant whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. Email marketing is a great way to test marketing messages. You can test marketing messages by sending different copies of your email/message to different sections of your mailing list. You can then analyze your responses to each message and see which design or message was more effective.  With email marketing being so flexible and easy to use, it is something every company should utilize in 2013.

Meta Data

Commonly known as data on data. Meta data can be used to generate more traffic to your website.  Meta data is the content that displays in search results. So when writing the Meta data within the code of your website be sure to utilize keywords your customers use to find you, which is great for SEO. By putting a significant amount of keywords in your Meta data can increase the likely hood your website displays and generates clicks. So utilize those keywords and keep your Meta data descriptions relevant to consumer searches.


When thinking about your websites copy there are a few things to keep in mind:

Engage your audience – Today people want to feel like they are a part of a company and the end result. By having comment sections on your website and links to your social media you are creating ways to communicate with your customer.

Use Keywords – Using keywords can help increase search rankings. Use keywords that are often searched for and are relevant to your site.

Keep your target in mind – Make sure your content is focused and has what your target market is looking for.

Always update – Your content should be constantly updated. Search engines recognize website updates as a current source of information. Search engines want to provide their users with the latest information. Therefore, with each update your website gets recognized and your site rankings will increase. Content that has been around awhile will then begin to get outranked by other sites being updated with similar keywords.

Business Directories

Business directories are a great tool to utilize in this upcoming year because they can provide you with better search rankings which will ensure your company will have increased visibility and traffic. It is also more convenient than putting your company information in a Yellow book. If you make a mistake in a Yellow book you have to go through the time and expenses of revising but with listing your business within a business directory you can make changes anytime you need.

If you would like more information on any of our Marketing Essentials for 2013 Faster Solutions can offer all these services and more to help bring your company to the top in 2013. Contact us today!

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