Successful Holiday Marketing: Winning Tips for Good Copywriting

Successful Holiday Copywriting Tips
Successful Holiday Marketing: Winning Tips for Good Copywriting

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for marketers and consumers alike! There’s nothing like the holiday season to close out another year for your business. And there are few things that are as important as holiday messaging that will entice your customers to choose your brand throughout the holidays and the New Year.


Intentional copywriting is absolutely key to good holiday marketing. Whether you want to take a humorous angle or be a bit more serious in your execution, you want to make sure that your copy is appealing. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you. Read on for a list of tips to maximize your holiday copywriting this year.


Be Direct, But Also Be Unique 


Let’s face it. The holidays are busy, and the last thing that people have time for is reading lengthy copy. It’s important to be considerate of people’s time, but in doing so, work to catch their attention. Thus, make sure your copywriters are direct with a unique message that draws people in at the same time. As they say, it’s best to “be brief, be brilliant, and be gone.”


Avoid Corny Holiday Clichés


This should go without saying, don’t overdo it on the clichés. People will be hearing and seeing these from all different kinds of brands, and they will quickly tire of them. Make sure that your brand doesn’t fall into the trap of using too many corny holiday clichés, as this is more likely to drive customers away than bring them in. If it starts to feel like you’re overdoing it, then you probably are.


Know Your Customers and What They Expect


Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean that you need to completely transform your brand. This is a key moment to remember who your customers are and focus your copywriting on speaking to them. If you try to change up your brand or speak to a different group, you will definitely come across as inauthentic and alienate key customers. Tailor your holiday messaging to your loyal customers, keep your branding consistent, and don’t over-engineer your messaging.


Emphasize Bias for Action without Selling Too Hard


The holidays are obviously a time for extensive purchasing, and your brand wants to get in on that action. However, your customers are savvy, and they don’t want to be overwhelmed with messaging that demands for them to buy. Therefore it is important to encourage them to have a bias for action without coming across like a used car salesman. The best way to do this is to use actionable verbiage in your copy that will create urgency, but mix it up with other content as well. Phrases such as “buy now” or “don’t miss out” are good to encourage the bias for action, but they should not be in every facet of your holiday marketing.


Remind Your Customers What’s Special About You


You’re always there for your customers. They rely on you for reliable goods and services, and you always deliver. Now, remind them why they should choose you during the holidays. This is a fantastic time to use messaging that doesn’t focus specifically on your products or services. Rather, bring attention to your brand identity and what it does for people, whether it’s bringing people together, delivering fun, or creating a special holiday experience. This is the time of year to remind your customers of just what your brand does beyond selling goods and services.


Great Holiday Copy Examples


Need some more insights as to great holiday copy ideas that interface well with larger marketing campaigns? Here are some winners from well-known brands over the years that will help inspire this year’s holiday marketing.


reMarkable Tablet Email Marketing (Simple, straightforward, and actionable)


“Ring in the New Year with a commitment to focus. Reduce your addiction to tech distractions. Get the quiet time you need to finally reach your goals with reMarkable. Take $50 off when you buy a new reMarkable today. This offer is for a short time only.”


UPS #wishesdelivered Social Media Campaign (Engaging, unique)


“At age 4, Taylor knew she wanted to be a pilot. At age 10, her dreams are taken to new heights. ✈️#WishesDelivered”


Starbucks Holiday Cups Campaign (Simple, evergreen, highly engaging)


“Coming Nov. 4, a new batch of holiday joy. ❤️🎄 (US & Canada)”


Porsche (Simple, fun, unique)


“Our Christmas 🎄 is decorated. How about yours? Happy Holidays to all our Instagram followers. Enjoy the days with your loved ones. #Porsche #Christmas”


 Ledo Pizza (Actionable, direct, engaging)




WE ARE GIVING AWAY: – (1) Nintendo Switch System – (1) $100 #LedoPizza Gift Card – (3) Jars of Ledo Pizza Sauce – (1) Pack of Ledo Dry Pasta


RETWEET AND FOLLOW TO BE ENTERED TO WIN! (One lucky winner picked randomly at 9:59pm on 12/20/18.)”


Urban Outfitters (Unique, fun, simple)


“Merry Christmas. We hope your day is filled with joy and dogs in Santa costumes.”


GoPro (Actionable, direct)


“Get the holiday hookup


Save $220 on #GoProHERO9 Black, a spare battery, + 64GB SD card when you purchase a 1-year Subscription to GoPro. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Limited time offer—available globally. Head to to get started.”


REI (Actionable, direct, simple)


“Hey, be sure to order your gifts online by Dec 17 if you want them delivered by Dec 25! Need gift ideas? We’ve got ’em (link in bio)!”


American Express Business (Actionable, direct)


“Leave a lasting impression this holiday season with festive looks from your favorite small businesses and salons. Share joy when you #ShopSmall.


Toyota USA (Direct, simple)


“Enough room for everyone’s wish list. #RAV4 #LetsGoPlaces


Holiday copy doesn’t have to be a drag, and it’s a great way to re-engage your customer base with your brand. By sticking to these tips, your brand is sure to have a great holiday season and see strong marketing success. Need help? That’s what we’re here for. Contact us for more information as to how we can help you create your best holiday marketing to date.


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