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When you hear the word “Brand,” you probably think of a well-known logo or slogan — the Nike “swoosh,” the McDonald’s golden arches, and so on. Perhaps your business already has a logo and tagline that you like, so in your mind, you’ve already established your brand.


But your brand is much more than just a logo. A strong “brand identity” is what gives brands like Apple, Disney, and Google the ability to release products that consumers immediately associate with their brand — without using their logo, tagline, or other brand “indicators.”


For example, take a look at the image below.


Digital Marketing - Branding on Mobile Phone


Most people will immediately identify this device as an Apple iPhone. However, Apple’s logo is nowhere to be found in the image. But because Apple has such an established brand, we associate such small details as the font used for the time and date, the phone’s circular button, and even the small status icons with the Apple brand. You could almost say that we “sense” the Apple brand when looking at this device, even if we couldn’t exactly explain why.


Consider one of the most important events of the year for businesses looking to better establish and shape their brand — the Super Bowl. Companies spend millions of dollars on crafting the perfect 30-second commercial, knowing it will be seen by consumers across the country and even around the world. You’d think that these commercials would be chock-full of each company’s logos and products, but more often than not, the opposite is true — you may not even know what the commercial is for until the last second. The Super Bowl ad below is from one of the strongest brands in the world, Toyota:

So why would Toyota spend millions of dollars on an ad that barely features their brand or products? Well, because Toyota understands the importance of your brand’s story. Toyota’s goal in the ad above is not to inform their clients about their newest models or special financing offers, they want consumers to associate their brand with thoughts and feelings of hope, confidence, and achievement, and to earn your trust by highlighting their involvement with worthwhile causes.


It should come as no surprise that one of the most influential aspects of your brand is your website. As 81% of customers perform research online before making a purchase, there’s a very good chance that your website is where your company and brand will make your “first impression” on a potential customer. This means that when we consider our website, we should be asking such questions as:


  • What does my website say about my business?
  • How well does my website communicate my brand’s story?
  • Does my website’s design establish a strong sense of my brand?

Thinking about your website this way encourages you to look at your website with a fresh set of eyes — which is exactly how your potential customers will see it!
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