Tourism Trends For Google My Business 2021

Tourism Trends For Google My Business 2021

Why the Google My Business Profile is so Important to Tourism


At Faster Solutions, we know that an SEO-friendly website is pertinent to keep you competitive and attractive in the tourism industry. But in 2021, both your SEO and your attractability to visitors will begin before even reaching your website. It begins at your Google My Business profile. 


Located at the top of the Google search results page, the Google My Business profile is literally the first profile people see when they’re Googling your business. If you’re leading a tourism bureau, this is possibly the first thing they’ll see when Googling your city, or your city’s attractions. As vacationers and visitors are researching their options for where to visit, eat, shop, and stay, you should assume that you’ll need both a strong website presence as well as a strong Google My Business. Google is noticing the importance too — so much, in fact, that Google ranks how optimized your Google My Business is as one of its metrics in how high you’ll appear in search results.


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