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Faster Class

As an established business you’ve started with goals and as true of all branding aspects of your company, the website should represent these goals and guide your target audience to this same understanding of who you are. Come up with a list of a few things you like or dislike about your competitors and other sites that you use most often. We are all users and having some good ideas about things you’ve liked or dislike on the web can help you decide how to best present your company. Ask yourself what kind of experience do I want my user to have with our company? Usability is key! Having a complicated design can hinder your websites performance as well as reduce your credibility. Keep your content current and easily available, the more you get involved the more users will want to stay on your site.

The goods to get you noticed

The best part about the web is the ever changing tools available to you to enhance a users’ experience. Using tools like YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, and a million others can help you expand your brand presence throughout the web.  Connect with other local companies so that you could advertise on their site and create more traffic for you both. Remember that we want the user to interact with your company and we want them to have a good experience.

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