What to Expect During Website Development

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A lot of people get very excited about the thought of a new website or web presence – and with good cause! A new website can be very good for a business or even an individual. So using that excitement, we encourage our clients to delve into the web world and use the following tips for what can be expected during the development of a website.


Signing a contract is just the first step! Next, you will enter the design phase of the project; this is where the client can expect to get very involved. The client will be responsible for obtaining information and resources that will be included in the site development. This information will be provided to the development team in order to start fundamental work on the site. Next, it would be in the clients’ best interest to do some research before meeting with the design and development teams. This will give the designers and developers a clear direction of where you would like the project to go before it gets off the ground.


We recommend that the following should be completed prior to meeting with the design and development teams:

  • Research as many sites as you can, then make a list of your likes and dislikes about the sites
  • Figure out which features you would like to see on your own site
  • Think about a color scheme and style (urban, sophisticated, etc…)
  • Think about how you’d like your image portrayed on the web (sophisticated, laid back, etc…)
  • Start compiling content as soon as you can (photos, information, etc…)


We are consistently developing new and unique websites for businesses and individuals. If you have a plan for a new website, or ideas to redesign your existing website, we are here to assist you! The more information and ideas you can come to us with in the beginning, the more successful we will be in designing a site that will truly reflect the image that you want to portray and fulfill your web site goals!

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