Why Your Business Needs to Blog

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Why Your Business Needs to Blog

Blogging is often overlooked by business owners in their day-to-day operations due to the commitment needed to run and maintain a quality blog. Blogs should be considered an essential piece to any online strategy employed by a business. They serve a number of uses, both for potential and current customers, as well as for the business itself. Blog posts can educate and inform, entertain, and grow community with, loyalty to, and believed authority of the business.


You may think that the boom for blogs is over.

It’s not.

Maybe you think that blogs are overdone because everyone has one.

Everyone does blog (and for good reason).

Or maybe you think you just don’t have enough time to blog.

You do.

New Visitors and Leads.

Producing a consistent blog means that new content is being published regularly on your website. That typically means an updated and relevant website; a positive signal for the search engines. In short, blogs help at attract new visitors. A blog post can also be used to convert visitors into leads and to overcome sales objections. By writing a specific, targeted post, you can help guide visitors through your sales funnel, and then lead them to a converting CTA –bring them in, wow them, then convert them in to leads.

Think Long-Term.

Blogs continue to gain new website traffic long after the post is published. Yes, the days immediately following the publication of the post will receive an influx of views and that amount of constant traffic will fade. However, now the post is ranking in search engines and will continue to do so year after year. This provides your company the opportunity to gain new website visitors years after the blog post has been published.

Each time a blog post is published an indexed page is added to the website. With every indexed page, you have one more chance to appear in search engines and grow audience. With that in mind, seeing the benefits of blogging can take time. You need time to consistently produce blogs and indexed pages, and time to see how the posts grow over time.

Be (More) Fun.

Blog posts provide businesses the opportunity to create more of a “conversation” with the visitor. You can step away from the (sometimes) stuffy formality of business, take a conversational tone with the reader, and discuss ultimately anything related to your business. Don’t be afraid to let your business’s personality come through in blog posts.

Have fun with styling. Clunky, dense paragraph will not keep a reader’s attention. Be sure to break up paragraphs in to smaller sections, and include photos. Writing entertaining, easy to read posts will create a positive reader experience and (hopefully) turn them in to a lead.

Are you ready to step up your game and setup a blog on your website? Need help learning how & what to write, or want to improve your current blog? Contact your Faster Solutions Account Manager today for a blog consultation.


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