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Your Website is Now Live, What’s Next?

Now, you have accomplished a very large task of working through the ideation, design, content creation, and build process of your website, should you stop there? This question answers itself. The best websites today are never done, and that is precisely how you have to think about your website.

Here are some steps to continue to refine your website, and keep it new:

#1: Revisit your page copy

every 6 months to a year, and see if it is still relevant to your business.  If you added a new product/service to your business consider making that a prominent highlighted area on your website.  Of course the best location would be in a spot where visitors to your website would see it instantly. Consider adding a new webpage to your website for this product/service as well.Additionally, think about limiting the amount copy you are using. By removing copy you are creating more emphasis on your keywords.  Adding more copy will dilute your keywords, and drop your search engine ranking.

#2: Revisit your site navigation

is also something that should be revisited every 6 months to a year. It does happen that you may want to drop/add pages to your website because they don’t/do add value to your website.  If a visitor to your website can’t figure out within the first 30 seconds, what the product/service you are providing does or does for them, is this product worth mentioning on your website. Maybe just reworking the description to be much simpler could be the key. Otherwise if another product/service already includes the product/service in question, consider removing the page and navigation link.

#3: Focus on your blog

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, maybe the central focus of keeping your site content fresh, but they can only go so far. Blogs are probably the best option to keep that new car scent of your website.  Especially when they are fully integrated into your website versus the social media outlets.   So, spend time on your blog.  Posts don’t just have to relate to your product/services.  Keep in mind that you can post your upcoming events like upcoming trade shows you are presenting or attending.  It is also good to showcase any pro bono work you do, as well as any organization you are a member of to your clients. This will give potential clients the notion that you are actually a human being behind your website.


Today a website can be a large commitment, but with some basic tips to help continually revise your site, it will ultimately bring you to the final composition you always wanted your website to be, successful.

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