20 Minutes a Day for Social Media Success

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20 Minutes a Day for Social Media Success

When most people find themselves with an extra twenty minutes of time on hand, they tend to waste it because they don’t feel they can start and finish anything during that time. If you’re anything like me, that time is usually wasted surfing the internet. In twenty minutes you could:

Stream the latest episode of your favorite show.

Go on a run.

Read a chapter in a book.

Own your business’ social media.

Twenty minutes a day might not sound like enough time to manage your business’ social media, but you can get a lot more done than you’d think. With 20 minutes a day, you can successfully manage at least 4 social media platforms. Let’s take a look at the four big social media platforms to see what you can get done in 5 minutes on each platform.


Minutes 1-5: Facebook

Once logged in to Facebook, do a quick scroll through your home feed to catch up on any news or events you may have missed. Check your notifications to be aware of any new followers and then check and respond to any new comments on your page. It’s important to respond to any comments, both positive and negative, to help build up your customer service while breaking down the barrier between customer and business. Once you are caught up on responding to comments – it’s time to comment on posts that you were tagged in. Someone tag you while using your product or while staying at your hotel? Tell them thanks for tagging you and checking out your business. Saying thank you will help build customer loyalty and show your followers that you care about them. With your last minute on Facebook you should post something new. Remember to keep the 80/20 rule in mind, and don’t post items that are too promotional too often.


Minutes 6-10: Instagram

Once you’ve got Instagram pulled up it’s time to filter, caption, post and hashtag a new photo. Coming up with and writing out hashtags can be time consuming. To save yourself time, keep your frequently used hashtags in a note on your phone so you can easily copy and paste them. After you’ve posted your photo, check comments from followers to answer any questions they may have. A great way to see how your brand is growing is to come up with a unique hashtag and encourage followers to use it while posting their own photos. With your 5 minutes on Instagram, search your hashtag and like or comment on the photos where it’s used.  To further your following – ask your followers if you can repost their photos that use your hashtag!


Minutes 11-15: Twitter

With 5 minutes and a 140 character limit, you have more than enough time to make a Tweet, or 6. Once you’ve posted your new content, scroll through recent tweets from those you follow and like, comment, or retweet posts that you like that will help grow your brand. Similarly with Instagram, do a search for your company’s most used hashtag to see who is using it in their own Tweets. Consider retweeting those posts in efforts to increase followers and follower engagement.


Minutes 16-20: Pinterest

You can do a lot on your Pinterest page in 5 minutes. Look at your notifications to see if you have new followers, what boards they are following, and what your followers have liked and re-pinned. This will give you a good idea of what type of content your followers enjoy seeing so you can pin content of the same style to increase follower engagement. After you catch up on your notifications, it’s time to pin new content to freshen all of your boards! If you’re having trouble finding  the content you want, try finding new boards to follow for inspiration.


And there you have it – in twenty minutes a day you can successfully manage all of your social media platforms. Still have questions on how to manage your social media accounts? Contact your Account Manager or Faster Solutions today.


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