5 Marketing Automation Stats You Need to Know

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5 Marketing Automation Stats You Need to Know

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably heard of marketing automation already. Even if you haven’t, it’s a pretty self-explanatory concept: marketing automation refers to the use of an automation platform that dynamically sends content to your leads based on their behavior. For example, say a user fills out a form while browsing an online sports merchandise store. The user indicates that their favorite team is the Minnesota Twins. 24 hours after submitting the form, that user automatically receives an e-mail with a coupon for 15% off their next purchase of a Minnesota Twins baseball hat.


While this is a great example of what is possible with marketing automation, the important question remains: does it work? Does it bring about real, significant results?


Let’s check the stats!


According to a study by the Annuitas Group, businesses that incorporate marketing automation platforms report a 451% increase in qualified leads
on average.

You can certainly expect a significant increase in your qualified leads if your business currently lacks a lead generation funnel or platform altogether. As customers have more and more options presented to them on a daily basis, relying on “word of mouth” to attract new customers becomes a riskier option. When you incorporate a marketing automation platform into your overall sales & advertising program, you’ll refine and enhance your understanding of your customer base.


Overall, of all businesses who utilized a marketing automation platform, 80% reported some increase in leads, and 77% reported an increase in conversions.

Although different industries may incorporate marketing automation in different ways, all businesses and organizations can take advantage of marketing automation!


In a survey of marketing professionals, 78% identified email marketing as the most effective channel for lead nurturing.

Although email marketing has long been considered the #1 digital marketing channel, it’s often difficult for a business to keep up with regularly composing and sending emails to potential clients. With marketing automation, you can set up an email lead nurturing campaign once, and it will begin to send engaging, personalized emails automatically. (Learn how marketing automation and email marketing go hand-in-hand.)


Leads that have been nurtured via marketing automation campaigns spend nearly 50% more when they make a purchase.

It’s easy to adopt the mentality that if a customer already does business with your store on a regular basis, there isn’t much need to continue to target them with additional marketing. However, for both current and prospective clients, providing more information about the benefits of your products encourages them to make larger purchases.


By 2020, it is estimated that 85% of communication between a business and a customer will be automated.

The pace of communication is constantly increasing. Customers expect quick, easy answers to their questions, no matter the time of day. Marketing automation allows you to not only provide immediate, automatic feedback to questions from customers, but also allows you to anticipate their questions and provide the information they need before they ask.


As you can see, there is plenty of data that illustrates the importance of marketing automation for your own business. Contact us today to learn how you can partner with the experienced digital marketing team at Faster Solutions to set up your own marketing automation platform!

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