6 Compelling Marketing Ideas For February

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6 Compelling Marketing Ideas For February

Success in marketing requires re-invention and new ideas to keep your business going. At the beginning of the year, most business leaders prefer to strategize, look back at last year’s success, and bring onboard new ideas. 


As such, February is the perfect month to hit the ground running. Coincidentally, it’s the month of love, with additional events that marketers can exploit. For example, you can theme your marketing in tandem with gifting season or other notable events like National Entrepreneurship Week. 


Social media users create a buzz around special days like Valentine’s Day, making it easy to hop in with your ideas. 

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Here’s a list of days you can utilize for marketing: 


  • 2nd February — National Girls & Women in Sports Day 
  • 4th February — World Cancer Day 
  • 6th February — Time to Talk Day 
  • 11th February — Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day 
  • 14th February — Valentine’s Day 
  • 17th February — Random Acts of Kindness Day 


Here are some ideas to spice up your marketing in February: 


2nd February — National Girls & Women in Sports Day


There is a massive disparity between men and women in sports participation. Gender stereotypes are a considerable factor contributing to the slow development of girls’ and women’s sports. 


Despite this disparity, people are always open to supporting women and girls in sports. Therefore, a business can take this initiative to offer genuine support, leading to an authentic connection with sports enthusiasts. 


Here are some ideas to leverage on this day: 


  • Fun facts: Share some interesting facts about famous sports women on social media, for example, their hobbies, school life, or nicknames. 
  • Share and Tag: In support of local talent, you can share an image of a remarkable girl and encourage your followers to tag their favorite players. 


4th February — World Cancer Day 

World Cancer Day is a perfect day when brands can show their support towards awareness and prevention of cancer. Cancer is a sensitive matter calling for empathy and creativity to ensure the message hits home. 


Here are a few marketing ideas for World Cancer Day: 


  • Cancer Awareness Image: Engage a graphic designer to create an image with a cancer prevention or awareness message. Keep it simple but remember to capture the brand’s colors. 
  • An Interview: You can share an interview with a cancer survivor or warrior to shed more light on the subject and inspire other victims. 
  • Infographic: You may also share detailed imagery with facts about cancer. 


6th February — Time to Talk Day 

The world is grappling with a mental health crisis that the pandemic has accelerated. As the world resets, you can put your weight behind the struggle. It’s a day to encourage your followers and share essential tips about mental health. 


A simple message like ‘what’s on your mind?’ can help highlight “Time to Talk Day”. You may also share a mental health quote to prompt a conversation among your followers. 


11th February — Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day 

11th February is a fun holiday to remind people that nothing good comes from holding regrets. In simple terms, there is no need to feel sad about something that is already done that you can’t change. In that regard, as a business, you can share how a past mistake shaped the company’s direction. 


Ideally, it’s a day to drive conversations of optimism, positivity, and looking ahead. Use #Don’tCryOverSpilledMilk in the posts, especially on Twitter, to improve its discoverability and reach. 


14th February — Valentine’s Day 

Despite numerous celebrations throughout the year, nothing stands out more than Valentine’s Day. Family members and partners mark this day by gifting each other. That said, Valentine’s Day represents the right shopping mood for brands to promote their offers. Typically, brands develop products, rewards, or cheeky marketing campaigns. 


Here’s how to take advantage of the day: 


  • Partner With Another Company: You may look to another brand to create a product that’ll be memorable to your customers. It’s also a great way to get additional reach from the customer base of your partners. 
  • Create a Dedicated Valentine’s Day Post: Love is a strong feeling that hinders brands’ abilities to express themselves. So instead, firms should be bold by creating messages in the form of an image, video, or a short text celebrating love. 
  • Promote Best Selling Products: You can also issue a discount to drive sales on your best-selling products. Use compelling message titles like a “Valentine’s Day Pack” or “the perfect way to gift a loved one.” Moreover, you can run a Valentine’s Day sale to take advantage of the gifting spree. But, remember, the sale’s success depends on how you present the offer, and, of course, pricing. 
  • Offer Gift Guides: There’s no better time to guide your buyers’ decisions than during Valentine’s Day. First, use emails or pop-ups to suggest a product bundle that’s perfect as a gift. Then, apply analytics to segregate the offers by gender, interests, or personality. 


17th February — Random Acts of Kindness Day 

Due to recent pandemic-related disruptions, consumers are looking for brands supporting the community and society. Random Acts of Kindness Day is the perfect day to support the community and build your brand. 


Here is how you can leverage on this day to enhance your reputation: 


  • Showcase a small business on your social media platforms. Your large following can translate to new customers transforming their business. 
  • Get involved with the local charity; you can donate money, offer marketing advice, or volunteer in one of their causes. 
  • Service-based companies can offer an hour or two for free to charity organizations, needy individuals, or small businesses. 


These acts can generate direct marketing through social media or bring unexpected outreach through word of mouth and positive reviews. 


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February is an eventful month that business owners can leverage to enhance their marketing efforts. Ideally, every special day, for instance World Cancer Day, provides an opportunity for brands to connect with current happenings and consumers. 

That said, Faster Solutions can help you actualize these marketing ideas. We specialize in web design, web builder tools, digital marketing, social media, SEO, and PPC advertising. Contact us today to learn more.


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