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LinkedIn on mobile phone
May 4th, 2022 - Comments Off on Your Complete Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains the unbeatable leader in professional social media. The website’s ever-growing database makes it an excellent B2B sales and marketing tool. And it’s not hard to see why:   LinkedIn is the largest professional platform with 810 million members globally in 200+ countries. LinkedIn accounts for more than 50% of all social traffic to…
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7 Most Exciting March Marketing Ideas
February 14th, 2022 - Comments Off on 7 Most Exciting March Marketing Ideas

March is one of the most exciting months at the beginning of every year. It brings with it a series of events, celebrations, and campaigns that would do a lot of good for your business. These are the perfect times to engage with your audience and promote your business.    In line with that, this…
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6 Compelling Marketing Ideas For February
January 24th, 2022 - Comments Off on 6 Compelling Marketing Ideas For February

Success in marketing requires re-invention and new ideas to keep your business going. At the beginning of the year, most business leaders prefer to strategize, look back at last year’s success, and bring onboard new ideas.    As such, February is the perfect month to hit the ground running. Coincidentally, it’s the month of love,…
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10 ways to grow on facebook
September 23rd, 2021 - Comments Off on 10 Ways To Grow Your Business On Facebook

There are over 3.5 billion active users on social media. Around 5% of all traffic comes from social media. All told, there is huge potential to grow your business on social media.   Facebook is a great example. More and more content is being published on Facebook each day. In fact, every minute, there are…
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Volunteers Giving Back
March 20th, 2020 - Comments Off on How the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Is Affecting Small Businesses & Why You Need to Keep Marketing

During this unpredictable time of uncertainty, it’s important that while we take care of our families and personally prepare for COVID-19, we also make sure our businesses are communicating and continuing to support our customers. This way, we may weather this storm together with a unified strength.    Faster Solutions and our partners are compiling…
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